Window screens can accumulate dust, dirt, and tree litter over time that can impact their appearance. Plan on taking them down twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall, and cleaning them thoroughly. This is also a great time to clean the outside of all of your exterior windows, as well as check for things that may need repair.

Step 1: Remove the screens from the windows. Each screen will have a different method of removal, consult the manufacturer of the windows and screens if necessary. After you remove each screen, use a grease pencil to write the exact location of that particular screen on the screen frame.

TIP: Look for rotted window sills or frames or any other area that may need repair. Check the caulk around the window frame to make sure it is still firmly attached. Make any necessary repairs as you go.

Step 2: Using an attachment with soft bristles, use your vacuum to carefully remove any dust or other debris from the screens.

TIP: Now that the window screen is somewhat clean, examine each screen for any damage. Patch small holes in the screen, or replace the screen in the frame as necessary. If you must completely replace the screen, you can set aside that particular screen and install it without further cleaning.

Step 3: Wash the screens using a sponge and a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap. Work carefully to avoid stretching the screens, but do not scrub so lightly that any dirt or grime is not thoroughly removed.

Step 4: Wash the frame of each screen carefully, avoiding the area where you labeled each screen with a grease pencil.

Step 5: Rinse the frames with a garden hose fitted with a spray attachment.

Step 6: Lean the screens against a vertical surface to dry in the sun.

Step 7: Replace each screen, using the grease pencil notations to help you. Before placing the screen back into place, remove the grease pencil with a bit of all-purpose cleaner on a paper towel.

TIP: Clean the outside of the window glass with glass cleaner and newspaper or paper towels to show off your newly cleaned screens to their greatest advantage.

Having a good family vacation
can seem complicated and even mission impossible when you go with your
children. Jasmine
garden villa
can be a good option for a
family vacation.

We are waiting impatiently,
often for a long time. We do not want this moment supposed to be pleasant,
turning into a nightmare.

We, too, have been testing
family vacations and are happy to share some of our tips here.

With these simple tips, it’s
up to you to make your vacation unforgettable and relaxing.

To Rhyme Family Holidays with
a quiet Holiday

When you decide to go on
vacation, it’s basically to relax and rest. But the reality, especially when
you’re running a large family, is that a trip can be far from a fun party.

Even while being under the sun
and feet in the water, it is sometimes difficult to get to relax.

Taking care of your children
all day long is indeed a full time job that never takes leave.

However, having a good family
holiday is not impossible.

A trip to a heavenly place
with your children will only be enjoyable if you force yourself to adopt the
right mindset from the start.

Getting out of your comfort
zone can be scary, it’s true.

But the children feel the
stress of the parents, so try to take as much as possible to keep calm whatever
the situation.

It is easier said than done. Especially
when in traffic jams, overcrowded trains or airport expectations.

Family Trips

Strive to consider this family
adventure as a unique moment to escape the daily grind, not as a chore.

Even though the organization
is an essential ingredient for a successful family vacation, be aware that
nothing will be as you expected. Leave room for the unknown, let yourself be
surprised. I swear to you that we take a liking to it.

Would you like to turn your
family vacation into an unforgettable stay?

Here are some tips to maximize
your chances of making your vacation with your toddlers the best of your life
for them as for you.

Choose a holiday destination
that suits everyone

Sometimes parents tend to
focus on places that have made them dream forever.

However, children will be an
integral part of the adventure, so we must also take into account their

Do not forget that going with
your family also means being able to offer activities adapted to the youngest.
Do not forget that they too would like to have a good time.

Is embarking on a trip to the
end of the world with two young children really feasible? The road trip that
you have always dreamed of can probably wait, they will grow up.

High temperatures also come during summer. Here are some
tips to make the best use of the air conditioning in your home: from the
average temperature to the cleaning of the filter. Moreover, you can also be
looking for best
in aircon chemical wash
or good
at aircon repair
to help in the repairing
process of your air conditioner.

Tips to keep your Home Comfortable

Here are some suggestions to keep your home at a good level
of comfort:

  • Use the logic to set the ideal temperature and
    feel comfortable without wasting energy. The ideal temperature is that which is
    between 24 and 26 degrees.
  • Consider the dimensions of the environment that
    you want to condition, height, orientation, hours of sunshine, materials and
  • Do not set a temperature lower than desired to
    cool the room faster. It is a counterproductive method, which does not achieve
    the desired effect and produces higher consumption.
  • Maintenance is important to ensure the correct
    operation of the air conditioner and to obtain an adequate and correct air
    flow. The filters of the indoor units and the battery of the outdoor unit must
    be cleaned. This maintenance must be done twice a year.
  • To obtain maximum comfort with minimum energy
    consumption, it is good to integrate the installation of the air conditioner
    with awnings and closing the shutters during the hottest hours.
  • Avoid directing the flow of cold air directly
    on people. The air must be directed upward or ceiling. In this way, better air
    distribution in the room is achieved.
  • Use the ignition and automatic stop to ensure
    that the air is working for the proper time.
  • Use the most modern devices, which are capable
    of producing two-thirds of the energy needed to cool or heat the air in our
    homes and this translates into significant savings in energy consumption.
  • Switch off the air conditioner when nobody is
    at home or use the energy saving mechanisms offered by new technologies.

The great heat has arrived and the air conditioning systems
are often the only source of refreshment, both in the office and at home. To
avoid unpleasant surprises not only in the bill, but also in summer ailments,
it is good, however, not to fall into the temptation to resort immoderately to
the air conditioning.

This does not mean, however, renouncing to comfortable and
fresh environments; it is about paying the right attention to the waste of
energy, saving money and, at the same time, winking at the environment. For
this reason, some simple measures are sufficient.